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ProRank empowers recruiters and makes the time-consuming and tedious process of reviewing candidates impeccably streamlined.

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Finding the RIGHT fit is not easy

With machine learning, recruiters can do their job faster, better and smoother.

The future of recruiting is here. It’s time to shift towards using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help recruiters find better candidates faster and more effectively. Leveraging tools which use advanced data analytics, continuous user feedback and model-driven algorithms are key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How ProRank Works

Machine Learning (ML)

ProRank consists of a learning engine which incorporates user feedback from prior searches to improve future results.

User Feedback

ProRank accepts user feedback on candidates and ranking results to further improve the algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ProRank leverages advanced modeling techniques to assist in decision making when ranking candidates.

Data Analytics

ProRank breaks down resumes into their core components and provides detailed information on how each candidate ranks within the larger population.

ProRank Features



ProRank can flag candidates as “Of Interest” and “Short List” to ensure strong candidates are favored

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

ProRank can track communications, notes, and progress through the screening and hiring process

User Feedback Impacts Results

User Feedback Impacts Results

ProRank’s AI can use user feedback from prior searches to improve future results

Resume Database Integration

Resume Database Integration

ProRank can both database previously acquired resumes and aggregate various 3rd party resume services

Automated Outreach

Automated Outreach

ProRank can reach out to potential candidates to determine initial interest in a position, both via email or text message

Highly Configurable Search Engine

Highly Configurable Search Engine

ProRank can run analytics tailored to the individual user’s inputs, on hundreds of thousands of resumes, in a matter of seconds while providing more accurate and consistent results

How ProRank Helps

Identify the best talent

Automate successful searches through machine learning intelligence enforcing standardization to identify quality candidates and immediately engage with them.

Increase your hire ratio

Invest in candidates that fit for the job and in return reduce time-to-fill, prevent overhead cost-per-profile submission, and increase quality of hire, i.e. save cost.

Build your recruiting intelligence

Spend quality time with prospects more efficiently, utilize the intelligent system to find better candidates, retain successful sourcing and recruiting patterns.

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