Outreach & Engagement

Improve engagement, build stronger relationships, and maximize your pipeline through email campaigns

Automated Outreach

ProRank’s Email Campaign tool combines proven engagement techniques with precision outreach to provide response rates that outperform the industry standard. Give candidates the feeling of a white-glove service through a robust automated communication campaign that includes: initial bulk outreach messages, reminders, voicemail follow-ups, submission alerts, pre and post interview messages, and other common communications.

How does ProRank Help?

Allows precision bulk outreach using personalized messages to highly qualified candidates
Provides holistic views of the candidates’ job matches and earlier engagement history
Prevents multiple recruiters from simultaneously contacting the same candidates
Includes email tracking that provides insights and statistics for email campaigns
Captures additional candidate information through follow-up questionnaires
Emails recruiters with details of candidates showing interest in available jobs

Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons & Calendly

Behavioral marketing studies have shown the most effective way to engage a candidate is to make it feel personal, minimize the effort to respond, and provide positive reinforcement afterward.

ProRank deploys 1-click engagement concepts such as CTA Buttons and Calendly links to improve candidate response rates. Candidates can show their interest in a job with a simple click or by scheduling a screening interview through Calendly.

These engagement methods have shown to outperform traditional email outreach.