Sourcing & Integration

ProRank works where you work

Chrome Companion App

ProRank’s Chrome Companion App helps you work smarter. Recruiters can continue to work using the tools they already know and love, such as ATS’s and external job boards, with the companion app enhancing the user experience and making recruiters more productive than ever.

Team Coordination Made Easy

Improve coordination among recruiters in real-time across popular resume sourcing websites like Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others
Identify new candidates with the help of visual indicators to highlight whether candidates were previously screened
Reduce cost on pay-per-click resume sites with helpful overlays alerting the recruiter that the profile was previously purchased

Bring Your ATS / CRM to the Job Boards

ProRank’s Companion App brings the history and intelligence of a recruiter’s candidate tracking solution with them to the jobs boards
Indicators to alert the recruiter if a candidate was previously downloaded
Previous interactions and notes appear on-screen as the recruiter reviews the candidate
Open jobs that the candidate is most qualified for are presented in real-time

Enhance Your ATS / CRM with ProRank’s Powerful Search Engine

With no setup or integration, ProRank’s powerful search engine can be accessed directly in many candidate tracking systems. The Companion App presents the most qualified candidates for the job on screen and provides recruiters with access to many of ProRank’s finest features.

Centralized Candidate Database

ProRank helps to capture all recruiter activity in an ATS or CRM. The ProRank solution consolidates external candidate data from multiple sources and cross-references it with recruiters’ internal systems, improving data quality and reducing data loss. Combined with the Chrome Companion App, you can be sure to cut costs, improve recruiter coordination, and build stronger relationships with candidates.