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Candidate Search

ProRank is designed to put the insights and power of big data analytics in the hands of recruiters. Through an intuitive interface, recruiters are able to screen and search through 100% of their candidate population in a matter of seconds.

ProRank’s platform allows recruiters the ability to tune the search parameters to the hiring manager’s specifications. This gives the recruiter direct control over candidate search results while still benefiting from the power of machine learning.

ProRank uses Whitebox artificial intelligence to ensure the most qualified candidates are raised to the front of the funnel while mitigating the impact of unconscious bias. All candidates are evaluated based on objective criteria related to their work history and skillset. Indicators such as gender, background, and socio-economic status are not considered to make sure that even subtle unconscious biases have no impact on the results.

Search & Rank

Artificial intelligence ensures all candidates are evaluated instantly and the most qualified are highlighted for immediate action. Recruiter feedback is incorporated to improve searches.

Candidate CASE Insights

Detailed, real time analysis of candidates gives recruiters actionable intelligence and transparency in the ranking and decision-making process.

Semantic Language Parser

ProRank has built a semantic language parser that is optimized only to work with its Search & Rank and is uniformly used across the platform to achieve greater accuracy. 

Semantic Language Parser

ProRank has built a semantic language parser that is optimized to work with its Unbiased Search and is uniformly used across the platform to achieve greater accuracy. There are two components to the Semantic Language Parsing: Resume Parser and Job Parser.

Resume Parser

ProRank’s resume parser converts resumes and CVs into a structured HR XML format that is ready for advanced search and matching. It is specifically designed to work with ProRank’s search capabilities and helps to ensure the highest quality results.

The resume parser has benchmarked well against the top competing services in the market. It is on par in identifying job and contact information. The key differentiator for ProRank’s resume parser is its superior skill and job role taxonomy normalization, resulting in more accurate searches and fewer false positives.

Job Parser

ProRank’s job parser quickly converts job orders, postings and vacancies into accurate search criteria. Instead of having recruiters manually interpret and input role requirements, they now only need to review the search criteria before proceeding to the results.
ProRank’s job and resume parsers use the same core skill and job role taxonomies to help provide the best results when searching, matching and creating analytics. Recruiters can use these taxonomies as is or customize them as they see fit.
Contact Us to see how ProRank can help with unconscious bias; if not embracing this practice, it can dramatically affect a company’s culture, growth potential, and financial accomplishments.